Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unit testing with mocking (JMock)

After a long time I thought to write again in my blog :). Because I got a good experience by writing unit tests with mocking (hoping to share it with you all).
Earlier what I did was try to write Unit testing with using all other 'Active' services. Here what I meant from this 'Active' is, with out using Mock objects I used real EJB and other services. Actually it was a very cruel and bad practice( what I am thinking now :), and it is Integration testing not unit testing :) ). Because if there is a problem with the services which we used, our time will waste on that. ( Remember here I am talking about Unit Testing not about Integration Testing). And if you have to work in a an existing system where you are a new fellow for it, You have to think and understand those other services which will be more time consuming. (Again I am totally agree with you if u say it is good to understand those services as well but first thing is we have to write a correct code.. keep in mind Unit Test).

So a Best thing is Mocking the all other dependent services and test our code as a single Unit. When all the unit tests are passing correctly we know that our single unit is working expectedly.

To mock our dependent services we use Jmock It will make our life more easier. These were minor issues but still I think its very good for Unit Testing.

Expecting your comments...

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Anonymous said...

EasyMock is much more powerfull than jMock.